Looking to build muscle, improve cardio, grow your strength? Les Mills GRIT program checks all of the boxes. This 30-minute class will test your inner grit. You’ll jump higher, lift stronger, and work harder, but you’ll leave feeling refreshed and strong.

Dive In, Have Fun

GRIT is a (high-intensity interval training) HIIT class that combines basic moves like running and jumping and weighted lunges and squats. It’s a fast-paced workout for those ready to dive in and take their fitness to the next level. Sometimes you’ll be working from the floor. Sometimes you’ll be airborne!

The intense interval training is designed for you to reach your maximum training zone. This helps you with athletic performance, muscle growth, and even weight loss.

What to Expect

We offer three different GRIT workouts, GRIT strength, GRIT plyo, and GRIT cardio. Depending on the class, you can expect to use weights and a platform. We’ll start with a warm up and then jump onto the total body sequences. The sequences can fly by, so don’t feel overwhelmed if the pace is hard to maintain. Our instructors are here to motivate you and give guidance on any modifications.

Les Mills GRIT Class Schedule at Bob’s Gym North

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AUG 06
AUG 07
AUG 08
AUG 09
AUG 10
AUG 11

Making Fit Fun

You can enjoy the journey and the results! We’ll coach and motivate you to better fitness.