The core is the epicenter of your body. Building a stronger core means building a stronger body. CXCORE is a core-blasting 30-minute class like nothing you’ve experienced before. CXCORE enables everyone to grow stronger together.

Stronger At The Core

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or skip core workouts entirely. This is where CXCORE comes in. This class uses scientifically proven movements to tone the midsection in a shorter period of time. It goes way beyond crunches. CXCORE will test your core, glutes, legs, shoulders, and get your blood pumping!

Follow along with our upbeat tracks as you train your core and practice standing strength to build better balance and train stabilizer muscles.

What To Expect

CXCORE combines bodyweight movements, light hand weights, and resistance bands. We provide everything you need! CXCORE goes through a number of sequences–from planks to power skaters, Supermans, to mountain climbers, and more. Don’t worry about knowing or perfecting these moves prior to class. Our instructors keep a watchful eye on every participant, and they are ready to teach proper forms and safety.

CXCORE Class Schedule at Bob’s Gym North

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AUG 06
AUG 07
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AUG 09
AUG 10
AUG 11

Build Your Success

The best part of your day often means getting in a good sweat with close friends. Find your fitness family today!