Start your fitness journey out on the right foot with BodyStep or Cardio Step, nonstop cardio classes that infuse step aerobics with full-body exercises. You’ll sweat. You’ll tone. And you’ll be a step closer to your goals.

Stay On Your Toes

BodyStep and Cardio Step instructors will guide you through a series of exercises and sequences designed to work out your body and mind. Follow along with your energetic instructor on your way to burning hundreds of calories in one class. These classes are ideal for all fitness levels and include upbeat, sing-a-long tracks to keep you motivated.

What to Expect

BodyStep and Cardio Step use a simple step riser, which you can adjust the height of for difficulty. That’s all you need to quickly burn calories and tone your body!

Once your step station is set up, get ready to move and keep your eyes on the instructor. Our routines include amazing exercises like kicks, step-ups, burpees, lunges and so many more beneficial movements. We cater to newbies and often tweak the routines and music selection to keep the advanced participants on their toes.

BodyStep Class Schedule at Bob’s Gym North

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Stronger Together

Step up to the challenge of a stronger you with Group Ex classes at Bob’s Gym. Join a class today!