Focus your breathing, strengthen your body, and exercise your mind with this yoga-based Les Mills class. BodyFlow leaves members feeling calm and collected.

Improved Agility & Coordination

This class combines controlled breathing techniques of Tai Chi with simple pilates and yoga movements. You’ll enjoy the serene music as your instructor continuously guides you through each pose! Every pose is deliberately designed to improve flexibility and lengthen your muscles.Our instructors will provide modifications when needed.

What to Expect

BodyFlow is a 55-minute low-intensity class. The class includes 45 minutes of guided exercise and then 10 minutes of relaxation and meditation! You’ll workout every part of your body and mind. It’s the holistic workout you need in your life!

There are vast benefits of BodyFlow:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Better flexibility
  • Better core strength
  • Stress reduction
  • Burning calories

Every Bob’s Gym location supplies mats, bands, bolsters or any other items you might need in class. Simply bring yourself and join in!

Body Flow Class Schedule at Bob’s Gym North

MAY 16
MAY 17
MAY 18
MAY 19
MAY 20
MAY 21
MAY 22

Fit, Balanced, Strong

Strengthen your body and mind with Group Ex classes at Bob’s Gym. We’re here to see you thrive!