Enjoy the Journey


Ready to build the best you? It’s all here at the best gym in town. Come dance like no one’s watching in one of our dance fitness classes, make a splash in our pools, touch up your jump shot on the basketball court, reward yourself with a refreshing shake, or recover in a relaxing hydromassage chair!

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Kids Klub

A little “me time” is necessary. We know the gym is your place to relieve stress, so let us watch your little ones while you get a workout in. They’ll be stimulated with toys, fellow energetic youngsters, activities, and much more. Each of our locations has Kid Klub hours in the morning and evening, so whether you’re an AM or PM exerciser, we’ve got you covered!


Make a splash, take a few laps, teach the kids to swim, or join us for a water aerobics class! The salt-water pools at Bob’s Gym North and Newburgh give you countless possibilities to achieve your fitness goals or to help someone you love learn a valuable skill. Connect with a swim instructor for semi-private classes or enjoy a private session. We even offer infant swim rescue (ISR) for children as young as 6 months old.

Functional Training

Our open and spacious turf area is equipped with kettlebells, stability balls, plyometric boxes, TRX, and battle ropes. It’s a high-intensity workout lover’s paradise. Or if that’s not your speed, use this space to stretch out on the foam roller before your workout.


If basketball is part of your fitness routine, you’ll feel right at home on the hardwood at Bob’s Gym. Practice your free throws or shoot around with a few friends!


Come relax in our hydromassage chairs after a hard day’s work or an exhausting workout. These comfortable chairs use water pulses to give you a gentle and relaxing massage. Within just a few minutes, you’ll feel the tension and stress melt away!


What you put into your body is just as important as exercise and training. Each Bob’s Gym location offers healthy, delicious shakes for refueling and recovery.


Come see what you’re made of with an InBody scan. The body composition scan gives you a complete breakdown of your muscle density, body-fat percentage, metabolic rate, and much more. Look beyond the scale to accurately see where you’re at and to track your results! And it only takes two minutes!